This team came to us and let our imaginations run wild. It’s rare that we get a company that just puts total blind faith in us when it comes to their brand. And we were so so pleased when they weren’t disappointed! On the contrary, I think it’s one of the raddest brands we’ve built yet. Sometimes the best and most inspirational feedback you can get is “do your thing, we trust you!”. Some wicked people came together to make Posterboard a reality and we couldn’t be happier with how everything came out! We designed the brand, app, website, helped with the copy and made a bunch of collateral gear. Cool people. Cool project.

What does it do? Posterboard is a social reporting app. It lets you snag a photo, post it to the app, rate other photos up and down. The cool thing about it though is that it’s location based. All of the photos are located on a map. You can prowl around the city using the map and see what’s going on around you in real time — check out the screenshots.

We love working with young entrepreneurs and cool tech start-ups, and these guys are one of the reasons why. They’re truly a wicked team to work with.

Check ’em out: Posterboard

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