The Bony to Beastly Program is Live!

Jared, Marco and I have been working hard to launch this program, and we’re happy to announce that after almost 2 years of research and experimentation, 4 months of rigorously testing this particular program, the hard work of our beta testers, and 3 months of long days of writing, our ectomorph muscle building program is finally ready! We actually had a pretty good time creating it—all three of us are long-time skinny-boys and extremely passionate about helping ectomorphs/hardgainers finally develop powerful physiques. You can read the story of our ectomorph transformations and how Bony to Beastly came to be here.

So what does the program do? At first our goal was to help ectomorphs pack on 20-30 pounds of muscle over the course of four phases. Jared and I, over the course of our initial Lean to Mean experiment, had managed to gain over 20 pounds of muscle over the course of 4 months while also finishing with radically lower bodyfat percentages. Pretty impressive results, and we finished looking and feeling like different beastlier versions of ourselves. After a year of research and testing, and with Marco now a member of the team we sought to improve upon those results in every way. This program will pack muscle onto your frame, radically improve your strength, improve your posture and alignment, improve your health, increase your bone density, up your athleticism, increase your testosterone and pheromone production, bulletproof your body from injury, and turn you into a powerful bear of a man.

A year later, with the initial version of our program ready to go, we recruited two trainees: Christian, my childhood friend, and Greg, who had stumbled upon our blog. I also started testing the program. Christian’s goal was to pack some muscle onto his “skinny-fat” frame, Greg’s was to add 20 pounds of athletic muscle to his naturally skinny frame.

The results? Christian gained 22 pounds on the scale and also lost fat. His best estimate is +25 pounds of muscle and -3 pounds of fat. What’s really impressive about that is that he hasn’t even finished the second phase yet! He’s around 10 weeks in and not even halfway through the program!

From Greg:

Spending a majority of my later teenage years at about 5’10 and 120lbs it’s safe to say that I was a pretty skinny dude. I enjoyed my fair share of sports but always seemed to end up with a series of nagging injuries that held me back. A few months ago I decided to address these injuries in the gym, while aiming to pack on some muscle in the process. While researching workouts for ectomorphs I came across Shane and Jared’s blog and was absolutely floored by their results. I left a comment on their blog and was super psyched when I got an email from Shane asking if I’d like to participate in their Bony to Beastly beta. Needless to say accepting the invitation is one of the best decisions I have ever made. In just thirteen short weeks I’ve gone from 133 to 155lbs while packing on insane amounts of muscle. The Bony to Beastly program helped me reach my goal so quickly that I’ve been forced to reevaluate and set new goals for myself. Shane, Jared, and Marco give you all the tools you need to succeed and leave you with no excuses. The B2B program provides you with a gold mine of knowledge including well crafted workout sheets, muscle building recipes, detailed videos explaining each and every exercise, and a user forum where you can share your progress with others as well as have all of your questions answered. If you are ready to make that change look no further because everything you need is right here. Hopefully I’ll see you on the forums!

I personally gained 20 lean pounds in a little over two months of the Bony to Beastly programming, putting my initial transformation of 20 pounds over 4 months to shame. Now, almost finished the program, I’m leaner and more muscular than I’ve ever been:

With some small tweaks and refinements made to the program we welcomed in another bigger round of skinny beta testers. Most of them are just now finishing the first phase and have gained on average 9-12 pounds of muscle, putting them on track to gain 20+ pounds by the end of the second phase. The program, if anything, is working better than we expected! Check out our Facebook page to see a couple of the transformations.

We had a couple testers drop off the radar, as we expected we would. The program doesn’t work if you don’t do it. What we didn’t expect was that every single guy who put in the effort is outperforming our very high expectations and growing at a rate that even we find alarming. Obe gained 16 pounds of pure muscle in just 4 weeks and has scarily fearsome abs. Jeff radically transformed his silhouette. Everyone is just kicking ass. We owe all of our beta testers many thanks, and we’re really grateful for the effort that they’ve been putting in. With their help we’re confident that we’ve created the best program out there for ectomorphs. Hell, it’s probably the best program out there for people looking to put on muscle even if they aren’t ectomorphs (but it’s built for ectomorphs).

The program is now live and ready to go! You can find more details about it here. (I’m going to have to re-shoot that video now that I’m another 20 pounds heavier!)

We’ve already got some progress photos starting to come out 🙂

Check out the program. I hope you decide to join us!

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  1. coby on June 4, 2021 at 6:30 pm

    I’m 14 going into just left 8th grade on summer brake going to highschool want to gain at least a little weight before highschool right now I’m 85 pounds wanting to try and be at least 100 pounds by highschool and I’m about 5,3

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