Bony to Bombshell, our strength training program for women, is now in Beta!

Bony to Beastly is doing great. Our guys are doing fantastic, and they’re a fun and supportive bunch. Every couple weeks a new jaw-dropping transformation hits the member area, but everyone who’s nearing completion of the program is kicking some serious ass.

Word of our bony-boy muscle-building spread across the interwebs, and we started getting emails from women asking us to make a program for bony babes.

Always up for an experiment, Marco ran a girl through our Bony to Beastly program, bicep curls, beastly eating and all.

The result?

She went off to compete in a  bikini contest. Good job Marielle 🙂

Aaaand we’re now beta testing a new program for women: Bony to Bombshell. We’ve just launched our first cohort of beta babes and we’ve got really high hopes. We’ve got a good mix of girls and so far they’re all a blast to work with. We’ve got slender model-esque girls looking to add some curves to their sleek frames, we’ve got a mother who’s married to one of our beasts (Jeff), we’ve got a couple very athletic girls looking to take their sports performance and aesthetics to a new level, and we’ve got a couple girls with “average” physiques just looking to come out absolutely irresistibly feminine.

What’s Bony to Bombshell all about? Muahaha it’s a strength training workout and nutrition program for women. A women’s weight gain program. Check it out!

And stay tuned for the awesome bombshell transformations to come!


  1. Natalie on November 3, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    I would really love to do this.

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