The Design Studio That Got Carried Away in the Gym


We were graphic designers once. Lifting weights? That was for bros. And besides, we'd already tried and failed several times, and decided to blame those failures on our crappy ectomorph genetics.

But after long days spent hunched over our computers, our bodies were withering away. "Clinically underweight" became painfully underweight, and we couldn't ignore it any longer. So we decided to bulk up. Whatever it took—even if that meant going back to the gym. We really didn't want to go back to the gym.

The thing is, this time it worked. Jared gained 22 pounds in his first five weeks of lifting, Shane gained 12. We posted them on our graphic design blog. But we had gotten "impossible" results. The emails started flowing in. Skinny guys were asking us for advice, and not-so-skinny guys were accusing us of steroids, photoshopping, or at the very least several years of time had passed between the photos.

Honestly, we were just as surprised as everyone else. Why did this bulking attempt work when all of our other attempts had failed?

We were getting these emails asking for advice, and yeah, we were pretty excited about our gains, but our current process was miserable. Eating that much food sucked. It sucked so, so bad. Our skinny stomachs weren't designed for bulking diets, and so we were spending several hours each day force-feeding ourselves. We felt nauseous all day long. Moreover, our results were starting to plateau, and we had no idea why.

So we found an expert who could help us. Marco Walker-Ng was a professional strength and conditioning coach who was helping professional football and Olympic rugby players bulk up. Impressive qualifications, yes, but what truly impressed us was that he was a naturally skinny guy who had gained 63 pounds. He also has a health sciences degree and had studied under Eric Cressey, who is a hero in the scientific muscle-building world. We offered to help Marco build a website if he would help us build our bodies. Best trade ever.

He taught us how to make a workout shake, and immediately our diets got easier. He gave us a proper workout routine, and within a couple of weeks our muscle gains were back on track. He taught us about balancing stress and recovery, and soon this new lifestyle became incredibly rewarding.

Not long after, Jared gained 45 pounds, Shane gained 55 pounds, and the emails from other skinny guys kept rolling in. We kept on doing our best to help them, and with Marco's workout programs, it was going astonishingly well. At first, we had a couple of beta testers gain 20 pounds over the course of a couple of months. And then Obe, a beta-tester, gained 20 pounds in just four weeks. The emails kept coming in. Our testers were stoked with their results, and we knew that we were onto something.

Not only had we gotten results ourselves, but our results were so dramatic that they had made us semi-internet-famous, which had skinny guys emailing us, and then their results were making us even more semi-internet famous.

It was 2010, back when the online fitness community hadn’t blossomed yet. Back then, we were the lone voices talking about building muscle as naturally skinny guys with tiny stomachs, insane metabolisms, and hardgainer genetics. We were the only people writing articles about: how to make a weight-gain workout shake, how to eat more calories, and how to build broader shoulders.

We hated being skinny, and there were so many people getting in touch with us that we wanted to help. So the three of us decided to create Bony to Beastly together. Marco would be the strength and conditioning coach; we would be the writers, illustrators, designers, videographers, and marketers. The three of us made hundreds of videos and several months of workout programming, wrote a detailed lifting and diet plan, and created an online community where we could coach people.

In was doing well. In fact, it was doing so well that skinny women started complaining. Why were we only helping guys? That was bullshit. And we agreed. So we made a skinny woman's program, too.

Bony to Bombshell was born, and the growth between those two projects left us with the difficult decision to slowly refer our clients, yes even our favourite ones, to other studios. We shut down our design studio and began focusing on how best to serve our skinny brothers and sisters.

We’ve now had the honour of helping over 6,500 skinny people finally beat their skinniness and gain weight.

Bony to Beastly

Our specialty is helping the skinniest, most ectomorphic, hardgaineriest of guys gain 20–70 pounds, finishing at the same body fat percentage as they started at. Why? Because we know that it can change your life, just like it changed ours. You'll look way better, feel way better, and think way better. You'll be living a bigger, better life.

Bony to Bombshell

The Bony to Bombshell mission is to help skinny/thin/hardgainer, ectomorphic, and string-bean women build muscle no matter how skinny they are, and even if they’ve failed in the past. There’s no unproven fluff, there are no filler ingredients, and there are no techniques that are not evidence-based.

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