The Gentlebeast

The Gentlebeast, written and illustrated by Shane Duquette, is a manly man’s manual that references science to explain our behaviour and its outcomes. This scientific approach to manhood and romance is by nature controversial. We don’t want to think of ourselves as biological organisms with evolved tendencies and needs; we want to think of ourselves as individuals with unique interests, aspirations, tendencies, and personalities (yet equal capabilities). The book deals with stereotyping, philosophy, morality, psychology, biology, anthropology, love and etiquette.

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Why It Works

The book is small and portable, masculine and young, professional and fun. The rather lengthy copy is densely set and legible. The illustrations paired with the chapter headings say something about the chapter, although not necessarily in the same way that the copy does. The chapter that deals with confrontation, for example, shows the protagonist beat to all hell but resolutely proud of the outcome (a loss) regardless.