S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival

This project was completed for my studies and has no affiliation with S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival.

The challenge was to create a systematic approach to a large festival including a logo, poster, tickets, a handout/program, wristbands, etc. S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival was an obvious choice as I had played in a band at the festival a number of times and understood the niche and market of it. Many great bands have played S.C.E.N.E. including Alexisonfire, City & colour, Billy Talent, Every Time I Die, Down With Webster and the Arkells. Over 6,000 people attend the one-day festival every year.

Why It Works

The branding needed to be striking and have an aesthetic that young festival attendees (roughly between 16-28 years of age) could relate to. The logo was set in red to stand out it is the most striking colour; it raises our heartbeat and pumps adrenaline as red is the colour of blood and we react when we see it. The text was all uppercase and bent directionally to give it movement. At that point the logo was then hand cut into a stencil, spray painted and scanned.

The poster was a photorealistic manipulation designed to emulate a speaker as an ear gauge or plug that was common with many of the targeted market. It pushed the concept to be striking in the right direction by taking a simple body part and blowing it up huge (20 x 30 inches).

The handout contained all 150+ bands, their timeslots, a map, festival sponsors, as well as the venues that were colour-coded with the bands. The handout was designed to look like a small CD jewel case while still being small enough to stuff in a pocket. The festival takes place in July when it is hot and clothing is minimal and the festival requires going in and out of different venues all day where purses and pockets are checked by security so it is best to carry as little as possible.

The ticket were required to be a maximum of two colours to save on printing costs but even with these restrictions, the visual aesthetic remained untarnished – it only required black and a selected red. The die punch was circular allowing the ticket number to be punched out by door greeters as attendees trading their tickets in for wristbands.