Man / Time

The video discusses, briefly, the history and evolution of man, with a focus on morality. Current ethical trends, such as veganism and going green, are looked at too. Finally, this video looks at where man might be headed next.

The modern man, half an evolutionary stage further and five belt sizes larger than other homo sapiens, illustrates the current state that first world people are in. But we aren’t only getting fatter, and while it may seem like evolution is moving backwards, we’re making unprecedented strides in the world of science and technology.

Why It Works

The narrative is stylized and illustrative, graphic and black, heartwarming and cold. It seeks to portray a mood rather than be entirely realistic. The mood is ironic, somber, optimistic, playful and serious, depending on the segment.

The purpose of the video is to get people thinking and talking. Some of the issues are controversial. Some aren't. Some of the scenes present a positive message. Some don't. The overall message is an uplifting one though, and points to the massive potential that mankind has to change the world for the better.