Live The Moment

This series of motion and print work investigates the way technology is embedded into the lives of ‘Digital Natives’. Digital Natives are the first generation to ever be raised entirely in a digital world. According to an article on, constant access to technology is rewiring this generation’s brains negatively. The article claimed technology is replacing the development of social skills, literacy, the will to read, etc. with the development of skills related to technology such as the ability to sort through lots of information quickly. More so, the pervasiveness of technology is taking us out of the moment and making our experiences more passive.

Why It Works

This work intentionally targeted the Digital Natives to point out the way technology has infiltrated their lives in a tongue-in-cheek way. Motion graphics and video are arguably the two best mediums to target young audiences with. Through the use of green-screening and visual effects, modern colour-grading, and hi-definition shaky-cam filming— this series is visually strong enough for the younger generation to notice.

Other Notes

Both videos and the poster were shot on a Canon EOS 7D using the following lenses:16-35 2.8L, 50mm 1.4, and 18-55 3.5-5.6. Shot in high-definition at 1080P and 24 frames per second, edited in Final Cut, composited and colour-graded in After Effects.

Many thanks to W Shane Duquette, Evan VanRooy, Michelle Paquette, Kate Shaw, Payam Rajabi, Willem Shepherd, Chantalle Lovery, Mark Francais and Samantha Madonik for their help. Music used: Alexisonfire – Heading for the Sun, and Boyz Noise – Jeffer. This project was completed for my studies and was not broadcasted.