Don’t be worried. This isn’t an anxious backward-looking magazine. It is, however, just a tad nostalgic. Homeboy hearkens back to the days when housewives made real dinners, people threw real parties, and friends dropped by to say hi, instead of sending a text message.

Most men these days move out and live in squalor, or they stay at home and live with mom. Finding a man with a well put together living space is rare. Some don’t care. Some don’t know. Finding a man with a great pad that throws a mean party is a tough task too.

This will take you at least one step closer to being the king of your castle instead of the master of your dump.

Why It Works

Homeboy is a collection of short articles in the form of a miniature magazine. It’s targeted at young men living either on their own, in bachelor pads, dorm rooms, or abysmal basement apartments – like our first one. It covers things such as: how to throw a party, how to be a good host and how to bring home a date.

The cover illustration is of a quirky house party containing different elements that hint to what’s addressed in the magazine, as there are no headlines on the front. The typography is professional, legible, masculine, and fits in with the retro feel of the illustrations, which are in every spread.

There are currently no magazines like this out there. If a man wants to know how to be a good host, the best he can do is hope for the occasional article in GQ. The alternative is to pick up a woman’s magazine, but men, especially in the 17-22 age bracket, not only have different needs, but also feel much more comfortable buying products directed specifically towards men. This magazine addresses this need.