Foxhound Band Themes

Well – it’s finally here! Jared and I have been working hard in the background on launching our own premium themes for WordPress. Right now, we’re focused on creating some really great themes for bands. There aren’t very many options for bands to market their music to new and current fans online. It’s tough when considering the options – you could go with the slow, painful death of Myspace, the clunkiness of Bandcamp, or the super-tight privacy settings on Facebook (especially difficult now since the ‘Suggest To Friends’ button is now permanently gone from pages). WordPress is the best option out there for bands to be in control of their own online hub, as  they can upload their own tunes, photos, tour dates, etc. with no restrictions.

Why It Works

The advantage of making themes is simple — we can put in thousands of dollars worth of design, coding, and programming into these themes and yet still offer them to bands without breaking their banks. We know bands have tight budgets. Now they can have gritty 'n sexy professional-grade websites for $70 and a few hours of their time. Version 1.0 is live, but we'll be working hard over the coming months to refine and polish these themes, so check back!