Cosmos Gaming

Cosmos Gaming came to us looking for an overhaul of their current website. They offer readers an independent and honest approach to gaming and music news, reviews, interviews, and more. CG wanted their new layout to have equal emphasis on both gaming and music, as they had previously prioritized gaming. They also wanted space for above-the-fold advertisements, as well as an attractive layout geared towards their younger male target audience. Our job was to produce a layout in Photoshop as the client had a HTML coder/slicer ready to take our design and make it usable in WordPress. The new website has yet to launch and is currently being coded.

Why It Works

We created a colour-coded navigation system that was split into two, half for music and half for gaming. Gaming coverage was colour-coded in blue while music coverage was in red. Testers found that it was easy to distinguish between the two categories through because of the colour-coding now in place. On a typical review website it can be confusing when navigating through because the many different categories aren’t visually distinguished from one another. The grid structure of the layout allows the admin to easily change the widgets as the website evolves.