4HB – Cheap Adjustable Kettlebell for Workouts

We made a quick video putting together the T-Handle for two-handed throws as shown in Tim Ferriss’s (check out his blog here) new masterpiece, The 4-Hour Body. Kettlebells are a great workout for your posterior but it can quickly become expensive as you buy new, heavier weights or adjustable sets. This is a DIY kit simply made of typical plumbing items that can be taken apart and transported, assembled quickly, and is cheap. Read More

How to Protect Your Leather Boots & Shoes From Being Ruined by Salt Stains This Winter

Walking around with salt stains on your boots is like walking around naked with black socks – totally cool in my books. But if you want to switch things up this year (and keep your boots for longer than a season) then it’s time to take some preventative measures. If your shoes are already stained, you still have hope…unless of course your shoes already look like this. Inside I’ll show you how to prevent permanent salt stains as well as removing them.

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Merry Christmas from Foxhound!

Shane and I would like to wish all our readers a very merry and safe Christmas. It’s been a wild ride since we started this crazy thing up in May and we couldn’t be happier. Looking forward to 2011 and all of its challenges! Lots of new and very exciting things to come in the New Year!

The Best Music Videos Out There (Of All Time)

There are a lot of pretty incredible music videos out there. Rather than making a top 10 or a best 5 I’ve decided to put all the ones that make the cut in one list. These are the best music videos of all time. Some of them have mind blowing motion graphics, amazing animation and impressive effects; and some of them are lively, fun and full of dancing, choreography and costuming. Something about each one I found incredible, for a variety of different reasons. They aren’t in order, and I’ve written up little descriptions and listed genres so you don’t accidentally stumble into a hardcore song or mistakenly see a bum. Enjoy!

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A Foxhound Halloween Story – Danny Trejo, Betty Crocker, and Jonathan Ames hit the town

Even though it was a cold night in Toronto on Saturday, the cold weather wasn’t keeping anybody indoors or preventing anyone from wearing the perfect costume. The two bravest girls fighting the cold were from Baywatch…yes, they were wearing the infamous red one-piece swimsuit outside complete with a life-saving device. I’m sure their excitement and high blood alcohol levels were keeping them more than warm enough. We also saw David Hasselhoff from Baywatch, but strangely enough he wasn’t getting nearly the same amount of attention.

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