Foxhound Band Themes Launches!

Well – it’s finally here! Shane and I have been working hard in the background on launching our own premium themes for WordPress. Right now, we’re focused on creating some really great themes for bands. There aren’t very many options for bands to market their music to new and current fans online. It’s tough when considering the options – you could go with the slow, painful death of Myspace, the clunkiness of Bandspace, or the super-tight privacy settings on Facebook (especially difficult now since the ‘Suggest To Friends’ button is now permanently gone from pages). WordPress is the best option out there for bands to be in control of their own online hub for fans by uploading their own tunes, photos, tour dates, etc. with no restrictions.

Check out Foxhound Band Themes here.

Why Everybody Should Wear Skinny Jeans

The irony of this commercial is the typical skinny jeans wearer would opt for a full-bodied craft beer that you’ve never even heard of and respectfully decline this spring water being bottled and labeled as Miller Lite.

It wasn’t that long ago that Levi’s had their grand debut of the ‘Ex-Girlfriend’ jean. A play off of the ‘boyfriend’ jeans meant for women, the ‘Ex-Girlfriend’ jean is for men who have an edgy style and wanted the all-snug fit of their old girlfriends jean (plus some breathing room on the rise). As a fan and wearer of skinny jeans for over 8 years now, I had a quick look and moved on. These skinny jeans were really nothing revolutionary…

But I was wrong. I searched for the jeans again today on Google to have another look and what I found was surprising. These jeans were revolutionary – in terms of marketing. All it took was a clever name and it seems like the whole Western world had finally became aware of the existence of skinny jeans. These jeans have been featured (mockingly) on hundreds of blogs and the Ellen show, while beer commercials ridicule those who wear them. Reading vulgar and hateful comments and listening to pointless rants about how no true man wears skinny jeans have made me realize that the mainstream consumer is extremely hypocritical when it comes to fashion and they don’t even know it.

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The Best Rock ‘n Roll and Indie Rock Albums of 2010

2010’s been a great and terrible year for rock music. We’ve got some great new music but it’s also brought us some unfortunate music tragedies. Wolf Parade, Poison The Well and Slipknot are on hiatus. Haste The Day, Crime in Stereo and The Fall of Troy are dead. And Lady Gaga came out with a new remixed album. Yikes. But this year has also brought us a lot of laughs, smiles, circle pits, and sore necks from airborne crowd surfers. Below, we select our favourite rock ‘n roll and indie rock album releases of 2010.
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How to Orchestrate the Perfect First Date — how to ask ’em out, how to plan it, what to do, where to go, etc

So there are the classic dates. You know, like dinner and a movie. Or going out for coffee or drinks. Those are fine… kind of. They’ve got a lot of downsides and they aren’t that incredible in and of themselves, but sometimes you and your date are interesting enough for that not to matter. If the chemistry’s right the date itself doesn’t need to be super grand, sure, but why not have a grand date anyway. It makes things so much easier and so much more fun. Makes for a much more interesting first date story too.

So how do you it? By scheming up something creative? Here’s one reason not to: as soon as people put on their romantic thinking caps they all come up with the same “unique” ideas (like glow-in-the-dark mini-putt) and the dates usually end up being as unoriginal as ever but in a contrived and unnatural kind of way. I’ve had much better luck on the dates where I just do the things I love doing. That sounds like terrible advice that doesn’t actually work, like when the hot girl you have a crush on tells you to “just be yourself” while she goes off and dates some jerk you’re jealous of — that’s not what I’m saying. There’s a method here. And a way to let your individuality come through without having to contrive up some super-unique dating strategy. This is what I call the spontaneous multi-date. It took me years of dating and hundreds of first dates (thank you Myspace) to figure out how simple it is. This is what I believe NATURALLY occurs on the best of dates with the coolest of people. I’ll go over it from start to finish… but first let’s start at the beginning.

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Branding Matters – A Peak Into the Fascinating World of Behavioral Economics and Consumer Psychology

Pepsi and Coke both claim that taste tests prove that their product tastes better. So who’s lying? Pepsi outperforms Coke on taste tests—but only the blind ones. When the loveable Coca-Cola branding is visible Coke crushes Pepsi. Something’s fishy, right? Turns out Coke actually tastes as good as it does because of the branding. Strip the branding from it and people get less enjoyment out of it. In steps Pepsi, with inferior branding and a superior drink and poof: things get baffling. I know it sounds ridiculous, I know. And here’s another weird one: energy drinks work better the more expensive they are. Even with identical products (with identical bottles and branding), when an energy drink is labeled as being more expensive people get a higher high from it. Simply messing with the price tags on something can influence how effective it is. Scarily enough, the same holds true for medicine. Read More

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