The Best 3 Upbeat Gritty Modern Punk Bands Out There

We’ve been posting about fitness, health, bodybuilding, web design and tattoos. I think it’s finally time to make a post about our biggest passion of all: dirty and abrasive music that’s easy to dance to and fun to yell back at. We spend our days in front of our computers designing away and singing our hearts out in happy discord. We’re both musicians. Or I guess you could say Jared is a temporarily retired hardcore vocalist . . . and I’d be slotted more in the aspiring category.

This post makes a case for three modern punk bands. The three best, I’d say. One of them is still wailing away better than ever,  one of them switched names and evolved into possibly my favorite band of all time, and one of them split up several years ago . . . but is still touring around, playing shows and working on new music. I’ll post videos for each, so you can see what I’m getting all excited about, but I encourage you to go out and buy their albums. No one hit wonders here—all three of these bands make great albums. They’re all pretty popular, too, so you might catch them touring around. If you’re interested in indie punk bands and happen to live in Seattle, I grabbed the photograph used in the image above off of a great Seattle based punk blog that features lots of smaller punk bands.

What criteria am I basing this top three on? I like songwriting that feels raw and uncontrived, frontmen that know how to make a scene and entertain, rhythm that makes me want to dance, and vocals that are gritty and emotive and great to sing along to. These three bands are wild, energetic and unapologetic, and write music that’ll make you want to kick and scream.

Without further ado, here are the best three gritty modern punk bands out there: Read More

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