Billy-Shane Goes Back to Brooklyn: Tattoo #2 — the Big Bloody Blue Whale

This tattoo went much smoother than the last one. Jared, our good friend Rebecca, and I all hopped on an overnight bus to Manhattan, arrived bright and early in the morning and headed straight to Union Street. Unluckily for us Saved Tattoo is located on Union Avenue. We ended up confusing a few very kind and innocent people who were very shocked to hear “Excuse me, is there a tattoo shop in your house? I think we have the right address…” Oops! 4 hours later and just in time we arrived at Saved.

Why a blue whale? I find the ocean fascinating and mysterious. Ominous and exciting. Nothing gets my blood running better than staring into miles deep water and wondering what kind of enormous creatures are swimming below. I had proposed  a few ideas to Thomas Hooper: a fearsome great white shark, a beautiful blue whale 0r maybe even a giant octopus. They seemed to best capture the mood. , Thomas Hooper amazed me once again with a beautiful sketch, and this time, unlike last time, I got to say “Make it bigger!” which lit up his face and got us off to a great start. And the icing on the cake? The tattoo was a bloody breeze! Upper arm and back tattoos, it seems, are a piece of cake in terms of pain. I thought his placement of it was a little strange, but I decided to go for it regardless, and it quickly grew on me.

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Foxhound Band Themes Launches!

Well – it’s finally here! Shane and I have been working hard in the background on launching our own premium themes for WordPress. Right now, we’re focused on creating some really great themes for bands. There aren’t very many options for bands to market their music to new and current fans online. It’s tough when considering the options – you could go with the slow, painful death of Myspace, the clunkiness of Bandspace, or the super-tight privacy settings on Facebook (especially difficult now since the ‘Suggest To Friends’ button is now permanently gone from pages). WordPress is the best option out there for bands to be in control of their own online hub for fans by uploading their own tunes, photos, tour dates, etc. with no restrictions.

Check out Foxhound Band Themes here.

Merry Christmas from Foxhound!

Shane and I would like to wish all our readers a very merry and safe Christmas. It’s been a wild ride since we started this crazy thing up in May and we couldn’t be happier. Looking forward to 2011 and all of its challenges! Lots of new and very exciting things to come in the New Year!

A Foxhound Halloween Story – Danny Trejo, Betty Crocker, and Jonathan Ames hit the town

Even though it was a cold night in Toronto on Saturday, the cold weather wasn’t keeping anybody indoors or preventing anyone from wearing the perfect costume. The two bravest girls fighting the cold were from Baywatch…yes, they were wearing the infamous red one-piece swimsuit outside complete with a life-saving device. I’m sure their excitement and high blood alcohol levels were keeping them more than warm enough. We also saw David Hasselhoff from Baywatch, but strangely enough he wasn’t getting nearly the same amount of attention.

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Ideal Male Body Survey: A Few Fun Minutes Of Your Time Will Really Help Us Out

Update: the results are in! Check ’em out.

We’ve been posting about health, fitness, rapid fat loss, HIIT, weight training and adding lean muscle mass to your frame. We’re pretty passionate about it. We like the results, we like the process and we even like the science behind it. What we’re trying to figure out now is what do you guys have as an end goal?  What do women want in a man when it comes to their body, health and fitness? What are men striving for when they change their diet and head to the gym? Who’s the top dog? Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Ollie Sykes, Bob Harper? Zyzz? Arnold? Ronnie Coleman? Frank Zane? In order to help you get there we need to find that out.

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