The Ideal Male Physique — What girls want & what guys want to be


Not surprisingly, the male and female perspectives differ — a lot! Turns out a typical athlete or amateur gym-goer wants a body that women don’t even find attractive, let alone ideal. If we want to be hotties, and honestly on some level most of us do, we’re totally clueless. Should that matter? I don’t know. Is it interesting? Definitely.

There are some surprises for women, too. Ryan Reynolds was one of the top picks when they were asked to write in the most ideal celebrity body… but even the girls that wrote in his name more often than not didn’t select his body (no heads were present) in the line-up. The body they selected in the line-up wasn’t even all that similar. So all of you guys thinking that you’ve got to have Ryan Reynolds’ body to be the handsomest hunk at the bar, or studliest stud on the beach… we’ve got some good news. What girls want is actually much easier to achieve. Brad Pitt ‘s headless body (as Tyler Durden in Fight Club), on the other hand, kicked some serious aesthetic ass in the line-ups.

And this isn’t all about aesthetics — don’t worry. We’ve tried to find out what girls want when it comes to looks, fitness, health and attitude in general. Don’t care what girls think? We’ve also found out what guys find the most impressive, and what guys aspire to achieve.

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How to Orchestrate the Perfect First Date — how to ask ’em out, how to plan it, what to do, where to go, etc

So there are the classic dates. You know, like dinner and a movie. Or going out for coffee or drinks. Those are fine… kind of. They’ve got a lot of downsides and they aren’t that incredible in and of themselves, but sometimes you and your date are interesting enough for that not to matter. If the chemistry’s right the date itself doesn’t need to be super grand, sure, but why not have a grand date anyway. It makes things so much easier and so much more fun. Makes for a much more interesting first date story too.

So how do you it? By scheming up something creative? Here’s one reason not to: as soon as people put on their romantic thinking caps they all come up with the same “unique” ideas (like glow-in-the-dark mini-putt) and the dates usually end up being as unoriginal as ever but in a contrived and unnatural kind of way. I’ve had much better luck on the dates where I just do the things I love doing. That sounds like terrible advice that doesn’t actually work, like when the hot girl you have a crush on tells you to “just be yourself” while she goes off and dates some jerk you’re jealous of — that’s not what I’m saying. There’s a method here. And a way to let your individuality come through without having to contrive up some super-unique dating strategy. This is what I call the spontaneous multi-date. It took me years of dating and hundreds of first dates (thank you Myspace) to figure out how simple it is. This is what I believe NATURALLY occurs on the best of dates with the coolest of people. I’ll go over it from start to finish… but first let’s start at the beginning.

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