How to Have a Successful Online / Social Media Presence as a Band — 7 Tips, Posted on WPDressing

We were asked to write up a guest post over at one of our favourite WordPress review websites, WPDressing. We decided to tackle a topic that’s close to our heart: how to succeed as a musician. We chose to focus on our area of expertise, which is online and entrepreneurial. If you’re a musician that’s curious about how to develop a loyal fan following online and then monetize it so you can afford to keep being a musician, this should be right up your alley! Enjoy 🙂

You can find the article here.

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Branding Matters – A Peak Into the Fascinating World of Behavioral Economics and Consumer Psychology

Pepsi and Coke both claim that taste tests prove that their product tastes better. So who’s lying? Pepsi outperforms Coke on taste tests—but only the blind ones. When the loveable Coca-Cola branding is visible Coke crushes Pepsi. Something’s fishy, right? Turns out Coke actually tastes as good as it does because of the branding. Strip the branding from it and people get less enjoyment out of it. In steps Pepsi, with inferior branding and a superior drink and poof: things get baffling. I know it sounds ridiculous, I know. And here’s another weird one: energy drinks work better the more expensive they are. Even with identical products (with identical bottles and branding), when an energy drink is labeled as being more expensive people get a higher high from it. Simply messing with the price tags on something can influence how effective it is. Scarily enough, the same holds true for medicine. Read More

Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tools

Above is a lovely illustration by Google demonstrating how their new engine works. It’s almost as pointless as it is hilarious. Anyways, everyone wants their website to rank well on Google and other engines and they can drastically improve their rankings through search engine optimization. SEO is a term that’s been loosely thrown around for a while now. For many it’s almost as vague and hard to grasp as the so-called social media movement. But now as the dust is settling, there are some real tips and tricks that can really help your small or medium sized business, services, or whatever it is you do – be found through the Internet.

SEO Tip #1 – Release Topless Photos of Yourself On Your Website

…we did it. Seriously though, inside are 10 tips and tools you can use right now to help boost your site’s ranking on Google.

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