Foxhound Studio is Shane Duquette and Jared Polowick

Who We Are

Foxhound is a digital age creative studio run by Jared Polowick and Billy-Shane Duquette. We take a great idea from inception to completion across all platforms. We give it a face and a voice, and then we help it find an audience.

  • We do branding, web design, motion work, illustration, photography, mobile apps, copy writing, GUI, UX, social media miscellany, and marketing. And we work with some amazing artists, designers, programmers, promoters, PR-ers and coders to bring our/your work to life.

  • We've got incredible clients and a million Foxhound business ideas that we're scheming away at. We have a band too, but you won't like it ;)

  • The coming year should be an exciting one. Shoot us an email if you'd like to work with us :)

What We Can Do For You

We love working with ambitious young tech start-ups, passionate musicians, the music industry as a whole, people involved in health and fitness, the film industry, and collaborating with other artists and designers.

Want a job?

We run a really really small digital creative studio and we love it. No bureaucracy. No bullshit. No compromises. We aren't accepting applications from interns and employees — at least not in the classical sense.  But we're busy and ambitious and we can always use an extra hand. Send us an email — we'd love to hear from you about what you can bring to the table.