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How to Have a Successful Online / Social Media Presence as a Band — 7 Tips, Posted on WPDressing

We were asked to write up a guest post over at one of our favourite WordPress review websites, WPDressing. We decided to tackle a topic that’s close to our heart: how to succeed as a musician. We chose to focus on our area of expertise, which is online and entrepreneurial. If you’re a musician that’s curious about how to develop a loyal fan following online and then monetize it so you can afford to keep being a musician, this should be right up your alley! Enjoy 🙂

You can find the article here.

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Billy-Shane Goes Back to Brooklyn: Tattoo #2 — the Big Bloody Blue Whale

This tattoo went much smoother than the last one. Jared, our good friend Rebecca, and I all hopped on an overnight bus to Manhattan, arrived bright and early in the morning and headed straight to Union Street. Unluckily for us Saved Tattoo is located on Union Avenue. We ended up confusing a few very kind and innocent people who were very shocked to hear “Excuse me, is there a tattoo shop in your house? I think we have the right address…” Oops! 4 hours later and just in time we arrived at Saved.

Why a blue whale? I find the ocean fascinating and mysterious. Ominous and exciting. Nothing gets my blood running better than staring into miles deep water and wondering what kind of enormous creatures are swimming below. I had proposed  a few ideas to Thomas Hooper: a fearsome great white shark, a beautiful blue whale 0r maybe even a giant octopus. They seemed to best capture the mood. , Thomas Hooper amazed me once again with a beautiful sketch, and this time, unlike last time, I got to say “Make it bigger!” which lit up his face and got us off to a great start. And the icing on the cake? The tattoo was a bloody breeze! Upper arm and back tattoos, it seems, are a piece of cake in terms of pain. I thought his placement of it was a little strange, but I decided to go for it regardless, and it quickly grew on me.

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