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Studio in the Sky

We aren’t going to say much, but we’re pretty excited. We’re working with Artbarn Media (an incredible marketing and social media agency), and Metalworks (the premier recording studio in Canada)  as GUI designers on an incredible incredible music project. Stay tuned!

Electric Courage

Electric Courage is another fun young tech start-up that we worked with recently. We designed their app and website, and then we brought their brand to life with some illustrations, which we later turned into an animation. So what is it?

Ever see someone you like, but just couldn’t talk yourself into making the first move? Wish you’d done something about it? Electric Courage is all about that confidence. No, not the liquid kind of courage, but rather the electric kind. It’s a social app that lets you spark attraction and start real-time conversations with people in the same bar as you.

It’s dependent on your honey having the app, but if they do have it, it’ll send them a push notification with your photo and message. Pretty cool, right? We thought so, and we had a blast working on this project.

Check ’em out: Electric Courage


This team came to us and let our imaginations run wild. It’s rare that we get a company that just puts total blind faith in us when it comes to their brand. And we were so so pleased when they weren’t disappointed! On the contrary, I think it’s one of the raddest brands we’ve built yet. Sometimes the best and most inspirational feedback you can get is “do your thing, we trust you!”. Some wicked people came together to make Posterboard a reality and we couldn’t be happier with how everything came out! We designed the brand, app, website, helped with the copy and made a bunch of collateral gear. Cool people. Cool project.

What does it do? Posterboard is a social reporting app. It lets you snag a photo, post it to the app, rate other photos up and down. The cool thing about it though is that it’s location based. All of the photos are located on a map. You can prowl around the city using the map and see what’s going on around you in real time — check out the screenshots.

We love working with young entrepreneurs and cool tech start-ups, and these guys are one of the reasons why. They’re truly a wicked team to work with.

Check ’em out: Posterboard

Tattoo #4 — A Peacock in Progress

This time around we headed down to Manhattan for a week. We rented an apartment using AirBnB, which we highly recommend to anyone looking for more of a local experience and an affordable place to stay. We drove down in Jared’s old cadillac with our then-girlfriends and made a mini-vacation out of it. It was a pretty grand time. We love New York.

As per usual our time in NYC was incredible and our trip home was a nightmare! Right after we finished our (Jared got a tattoo!!) tattoos we went out and grabbed a bite to eat. By then it was starting to get late (10 or 11) so we decided we’d better start our trek back to Canada. The cadillac broke down right smack in the centre of the Brooklyn Bridge. Read More

Billy-Shane, Thomas Hooper and Tattoo #3 — The Great White Shark

I was only in New York for two days, so I decided to make the most of them. The day after my whale tattoo I went in for round two: the great white shark. The day before Thomas Hooper had said he was game to do a big ol’ shark if I was. I naively said yes, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I’m really glad I had no idea what I was getting myself into… because then I may not have it! Turns out a body doesn’t recover all too quickly from the trauma of a tattoo. It probably didn’t help that I’d had a few drinks and stayed out late and gotten up early. I arrived in good spirits and feeling pumped, but boy was that ever short lived!

He showed me a pretty fearsome shark sketch and we toyed with the idea of putting it on my thigh. I didn’t really like the idea of it being so hidden away — I really liked the sketch — so we decided to pop it up a couple feet onto my torso. Thomas Hooper found a great spot for it and off we went! Turns out there’s some sort of nerve bundle on the torso. I’d always heard that getting your ribs tattooed hurt. It hurts a bit. But it’s nothing close to the pain of getting your obliques tattooed! I felt like I was dying. But two and a half hours later the tattoo was finished and I managed to get my rattled ass off the tattoo bench and over to the mirror. This time around Hooper exclusively used “dot shading” instead of typical shading. Created a pretty badass result 🙂

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