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The Best Rock ‘n Roll and Indie Rock Albums of 2010

2010’s been a great and terrible year for rock music. We’ve got some great new music but it’s also brought us some unfortunate music tragedies. Wolf Parade, Poison The Well and Slipknot are on hiatus. Haste The Day, Crime in Stereo and The Fall of Troy are dead. And Lady Gaga came out with a new remixed album. Yikes. But this year has also brought us a lot of laughs, smiles, circle pits, and sore necks from airborne crowd surfers. Below, we select our favourite rock ‘n roll and indie rock album releases of 2010.
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Marco Athletics (Beta)

Marco’s the man. He’s been a huge fitness/health asset to us and he’s helped us in our quest to pack on a lot of pounds — 45lbs to be exact, if you add up Jared and I’s muscle gain. As a personal trainer you’d be hard pressed to find better… and no one does presses harder? I can’t really figure out how to make that joke work. So here’s what we did:

After several rounds of thumbnails and sketches we made him this awesome logo of a runner (okay the runner did look a bit like a prancer). I raised the concern that it might look a little dandy for his football playing target audience. He agreed. I went back and created this really great leaping man. We then decided to opt for just the legs. Marco deals with athletics and performance more so than aesthetics and bodybuilding, like we do. We felt the legs better conveyed the athletic nature of his services without putting too much emphasis on the glory muscles.

From there we built him a website with a lot of wicked features and integrated it into WordPress so he could update it himself and blog his heart out. What you really need to do to see how genius this website is is get yourself into the exclusive members area with the instructional vidoes. How? Shoot him an email.

Try it out here:

How to Orchestrate the Perfect First Date — how to ask ’em out, how to plan it, what to do, where to go, etc

So there are the classic dates. You know, like dinner and a movie. Or going out for coffee or drinks. Those are fine… kind of. They’ve got a lot of downsides and they aren’t that incredible in and of themselves, but sometimes you and your date are interesting enough for that not to matter. If the chemistry’s right the date itself doesn’t need to be super grand, sure, but why not have a grand date anyway. It makes things so much easier and so much more fun. Makes for a much more interesting first date story too.

So how do you it? By scheming up something creative? Here’s one reason not to: as soon as people put on their romantic thinking caps they all come up with the same “unique” ideas (like glow-in-the-dark mini-putt) and the dates usually end up being as unoriginal as ever but in a contrived and unnatural kind of way. I’ve had much better luck on the dates where I just do the things I love doing. That sounds like terrible advice that doesn’t actually work, like when the hot girl you have a crush on tells you to “just be yourself” while she goes off and dates some jerk you’re jealous of — that’s not what I’m saying. There’s a method here. And a way to let your individuality come through without having to contrive up some super-unique dating strategy. This is what I call the spontaneous multi-date. It took me years of dating and hundreds of first dates (thank you Myspace) to figure out how simple it is. This is what I believe NATURALLY occurs on the best of dates with the coolest of people. I’ll go over it from start to finish… but first let’s start at the beginning.

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