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A Foxhound Halloween Story – Danny Trejo, Betty Crocker, and Jonathan Ames hit the town

Even though it was a cold night in Toronto on Saturday, the cold weather wasn’t keeping anybody indoors or preventing anyone from wearing the perfect costume. The two bravest girls fighting the cold were from Baywatch…yes, they were wearing the infamous red one-piece swimsuit outside complete with a life-saving device. I’m sure their excitement and high blood alcohol levels were keeping them more than warm enough. We also saw David Hasselhoff from Baywatch, but strangely enough he wasn’t getting nearly the same amount of attention.

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7 Digital Photography Tips: The Modern Day Trends That Will Make or Break Your Photograph

Everybody and their grandma love to take photos. But one thing you have that will help you one-up your grandma’s shots – is a computer. Using a computer allows you to visit this lovely website to read some ground rules of photography, some techniques, tips, and then how to process them properly…and for the record, today’s movement to overprocess with HDR is not an acceptable way to process photos.

It doesn’t really matter if you shoot with an iPhone, a Canon 5DMII, or a Hasselblad H4D-40 – these tips will help improve whatever it is your camera is capable of capturing. Just after the jump are 7 tips that will truly help you consistently take good photographs.

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Ideal Male Body Survey: A Few Fun Minutes Of Your Time Will Really Help Us Out

Update: the results are in! Check ’em out.

We’ve been posting about health, fitness, rapid fat loss, HIIT, weight training and adding lean muscle mass to your frame. We’re pretty passionate about it. We like the results, we like the process and we even like the science behind it. What we’re trying to figure out now is what do you guys have as an end goal?  What do women want in a man when it comes to their body, health and fitness? What are men striving for when they change their diet and head to the gym? Who’s the top dog? Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Ollie Sykes, Bob Harper? Zyzz? Arnold? Ronnie Coleman? Frank Zane? In order to help you get there we need to find that out.

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