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Lean to Mean, 30 Days / Video 1

Muscle May is the first part of a four month bodybuilding experiment: Lean to Mean. What we’re doing is trying to pack on lean muscle mass in the most efficient way that we can, and learn as much as possible during the process.

We’re experimenting with many different workout and diet approaches to see what works best. We’ve looked into Arthur Jones, Anthony Ellis, Timothy Ferris, Sean Nalewanyj, Mike Mentzer, Vince Delmonte and JP Clifford. Many of their approaches conflict with one another though, making the research process quite challenging.

We’re really pleased with our results but we know we still have a long way to go and a lot more research and experimentation to do. We’ve already made several changes for our next video segment, Jacked Julune, which takes place in June and July.

If you have any suggestions or questions please leave a comment. This is an ongoing process and we’d love to get feedback. You may have noticed that there are (quite) a few cuts in the dialogue. Um. We’re working on it.

Check out the final results here.

We’ve gone live!

Our website, after many tweaks and revisions, is finally seeing the light of day. We’ve been happily slaving away on a few projects and we’re pleased to release our website alongside our first video from our ‘Lean To Mean’ series on bodybuilding (the name is still tentative…have any suggestions?). Our website is a work in progress so stay tuned either through our blog, our Feedburner rss, or sign-up for our newsletter. We know there’s an extra hand in our picture but we’ve got a new picture in the works. We’re excited. We hope you have a glance at our work and what we’re doing. Give us a shout if you have any questions or comments.

Our best,
Shane & Jared

Live The Moment

This series of motion and print work investigates the way technology is embedded into the lives of ‘Digital Natives’. Digital Natives are the first generation to ever be raised entirely in a digital world. According to an article on, constant access to technology is rewiring this generation’s brains negatively. The article claimed technology is replacing the development of social skills, literacy, the will to read, etc. with the development of skills related to technology such as the ability to sort through lots of information quickly. More so, the pervasiveness of technology is taking us out of the moment and making our experiences more passive.

Man / Time

The video discusses, briefly, the history and evolution of man, with a focus on morality. Current ethical trends, such as veganism and going green, are looked at too. Finally, this video looks at where man might be headed next.

The modern man, half an evolutionary stage further and five belt sizes larger than other homo sapiens, illustrates the current state that first world people are in. But we aren’t only getting fatter, and while it may seem like evolution is moving backwards, we’re making unprecedented strides in the world of science and technology.

The Gentlebeast

The Gentlebeast, written and illustrated by Shane Duquette, is a manly man’s manual that references science to explain our behaviour and its outcomes. This scientific approach to manhood and romance is by nature controversial. We don’t want to think of ourselves as biological organisms with evolved tendencies and needs; we want to think of ourselves as individuals with unique interests, aspirations, tendencies, and personalities (yet equal capabilities). The book deals with stereotyping, philosophy, morality, psychology, biology, anthropology, love and etiquette.

Want a copy? Great! Contact me using this form or send me an e-mail at Each cover is different. All copies are one of a kind and signed.